Fix Your Damaged Fountain

Rely on us for water feature repairs in Burlington, Franklinville & Asheboro, NC or surrounding areas

Do you have a water feature that's overflowing or stagnant? Whitaker Waterscapes can figure out exactly what's wrong and carry out the water feature repairs you need. We'll get your water feature working the way it's supposed to. Request our water feature repairs today in Burlington or Franklinville, NC.

There's no job too big or too small for us

We handle both water feature repairs and water feature rebuilds. Sometimes, the underlying structure of a water feature still works fine, but the exterior is broken. We can rebuild and redesign your fountain or waterfall without a problem. If your water feature was built incorrectly or is simply damaged from age, we can restore it. We will:

  • Perform an in-person consultation
  • Design your new and improved water feature
  • Show you what the finished result will look like
  • Schedule the rebuild

Arrange for a water feature rebuild in Franklinville & Asheboro, NC or the surrounding area today.